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Dove & Pigeon Hunting Lodges

The Cordoba and Salta regions boast some of the top dove and pigeon shooting anywhere in the world. This collection of five of the top shooting lodges-- Cordoba's Sierra Brava, Los Chanares, Posta del Norte, El Palomar, and Salta's Chacu Lodge -- have been considered the "best of the best" when it comes to Argentina dove hunting. The excellent reputation at each one of these lodges has grown with each group that visits the lodge.

The Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Lodge

Sierra Brava is hands-down "the best bang-for-the-buck dove hunting lodge in Cordoba Argentina." Recognized by Beretta as a Trident lodge with a Trident I status for upland birds. They are the only dove hunting outfitter that combines extreme, high-volume doves and first class accommodation at such a great price. But in the end the main reason I recommend them and everybody raves about Sierra Brava is the friendly atmosphere at the lodge. Once you come to Sierra Brava and you will always feel like you have a home in Argentina. And why not have your second home near the best dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina.

Sierra Brava offers the best overall value and is the "high volume record holder" - with over 11,000 doves shot by one person in a single day! This lodge is Mac's personal favorite!

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Los Chanares

For unmatched luxury in the Cordoba Region, Estancia Los Chanares is the choice for you. This first-class facility was the first lodge in South America to be recognized as a Beretta Trident Lodge with a Trident Lodge II Status. Our 9,000 acres of private property house the largest dove roost in Argentina with more than 20 million doves roosting on or flying over the property at any given moment. Ideal for the more discriminating client, there is nowhere else in the world that one can experience this caliber of dove hunting in a luxury 5-star, resort-style setting. This is what Argentina dove hunting in South America is all about!

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Los Chanares aerial Sierra Brava room flock of birds

Posta del Norte

Since its opening in 1995, Posta del Norte has been one of the premier dove hunting lodges in Argentina. Perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba, Posta del Norte offers superb shooting year-round. The hunting lodge itself is a client favorite, and over the years, has drawn plenty of critical acclaim from industry insiders.

Recently renovated, Posta del Norte is better than ever, offering high-volume Argentina dove hunting at its very best, luxury lodging and superior service. Posta del Norte has always been a client favorite for its amazing dove hunting and its privacy. The lodge can be reserved with just four clients. There is no additional surcharge for private rooms. This is ideal for families, small groups of friends and corporate outings.

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Posta del Norte lodge Posta del Norte room Posta del Norte bar

El Palomar

El PALOMAR located in the middle of the famous Churqui Roost, with only five bedrooms in suite, all with a classy decoration, reminds you of an old Argentine Estancia with the modern facilities of a hunting lodge.

Service rendered by an extremely, qualified house staff. A white glove table service, gourmet three course Dinners, own bottled wine, and five star barbecues in the veranda of the house, mark a nice difference No long drives to the hunting area 5 to 10 minutes max. This allows time to hunt in the morning, have a lunch and a siesta in your room and return to the hunting areas for a afternoon hunt.

Shotguns are available at the lodge if you don't want to travel with one. We are permanently renewing a stock of 20 ga. Beretta and Bennelli semi-automatics, and as alternative we offer 20 ga. over and unders I suggest considering bringing your own gun, at this level of shooting, in quality and quantity, a personalized gun always makes you shoot better and more efficiently. You have the opportunity to shoot all what your body will accept.

The 1000 to 2000 rounds are easily reached every day. Quick shooters are averaging a case each hour and a half. The hard flying times last more than four hours in the morning and five in the afternoon. These are averaging hunting times shortened in winter months (June) and enlarged in summer (December).

The Chacu Lodge

In recent years the Argentinean Government has allowed access to hunting on a trial basis in the province of Salta. The province of Salta has been designated as a historical area and until recently hunting of any type was prohibited. Chacu Lodge is currently the only lodge operating in the state of Salta! So there is little pressure on the doves in Salta.
Another advantage is that there are direct flights from Miami to Salta, so flights are shorter and connection hassles are avoided

Salta unquestionably boasts a high volume of Dove. While Cordoba has been known for years as the Argentina Dove hunting capital of South America, it's possible Salta may claim this title in the years to come.

This magnificent new 20,000 sq. ft lodge, offers nine bedrooms, lovely dining and cocktail areas, shaded patios, gardens, fountains and all of the charm of a European country manor, but with modern comfort and convenience. The lodge sits in a lovely hillside location on a 12,000 acre private ranch. Dining is uniformly terrific, featuring famed Argentine beef, local specialties, game dishes and delightful red wines. A professional massage therapist is available every evening to relax and reinvigorate exhausted limbs and sore shoulders.

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Chacu Lodge exterior Chacu hunting Chacu steak

Duck Lodges

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Lodge is located only 180 km from the city of Buenos Aires, near the town of Villa Paranacito, in the province of Entre Rios. The Lodge has 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms, large living-room, Direct TV, Internet and Wi-Fi a wonderful garden and can accommodate 6 to 7 hunters at the same time. The property has an area of 2250 hectares (5500 acres) of ponds, marshes and estuaries. The large population of ducks and other waterfowl, make this a natural paradise, with all hunting on the property and only 10 minutes from the Lodge.

Planning your trip to Santo Domingo.
Planning your Duck Hunting trip to Santo Domingo.

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Santo Domingo room Santo Domingo view Santo Domingo flock

La Plegaria

Estancia La Plegaria is a 3,000 acre private estancia located nearby the town of Chascomus, 120 km from the city of Buenos Aires or the Ezeiza International Airport. The private entrance to the estancia is just 3 km from the main highway (split 2-lane in each direction) that provides secure and efficient travel times from the city, airports, as well as hunting properties. The majority of the hunting properties are less than a 30 minute drive from the estancia.

Cuisine: Combinations of Argentine and International cuisine are rendered by a highly qualified full time staff. Breakfast is served prior to the morning hunting. A traditional Argentine asado is enjoyed at lunch time with distinctive cuts of fine Argentine beef or pork. A three course evening dinner is served in front of the fire in the main dining room and consists of excellent regional recipes. Also included, are fine wines, beer, and a complete open bar.

Suites: All guest rooms have separate modern baths with complimentary robes, slippers, towels, hand towels, washcloths, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Most of the rooms have queen size beds and all are equipped with high quality bedding. All rooms have open fireplaces stocked with long-lasting and warm-burning quebracho and eucalyptus logs. The suites have tall glass doors looking out to the well-kept grounds surrounding the main house.

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Santo Domingo room Santo Domingo view Santo Domingo flock

Mixed Bag

Dove, Duck, Perdiz & Fishing Lodges

Parana Sunrise

Parana Sunrise Is The Premiere Hunting And Fishing Lodge Nestled Along The Banks Of The Parana River In The Enchanting Province Of Santa Fe, Argentina.

We are the premiere Mixed-Bag and Cast & Blast Hunting/Fishing destinations in all of South America!

Parana Sunrise Lodge provides luxurious accommodations and gourmet cuisine prepared fresh daily by our private chef. Our 5-Star meals are accented by award winning locally crafted wines and premium national beverages.

Our professional and friendly staff, guides, and hunting assistants share over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge of hunting and fishing in this pristine outdoor paradise.

It is our mission at Parana Sunrise Lodge to provide our esteemed guests with a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive hunting and fishing experience that they will vividly remember for years to come.

Our unique location along the majestic Parana River, allows us to offer the best Argentina Duck, Dove, Perdiz Hunting and Golden Dorado Fishing you will find anywhere else in the world! Everything you need to create the most memorable Wingshooting and Fishing experience of your life is waiting for you right here.

We strive to make your wingshooting and fishing dreams come true!

Los Laureles

Surrounded by rivers and white sand beaches, Los Laureles is a hunting and fly fishing paradise. Doves, ducks, pigeons and partridges fill the skies of this untainted natural wonderland. Its direct access to the Paraná river assures a remarkable experience for fishing the golden dorado, freshwater fish native to South America, known for its fighting and unequaled jumping skills.

The comfortable and luxurious facilities of this five-star lodge include six bedrooms equipped with air-conditioning and jacuzzi, as well as a spacious sitting-room with a fireplace, a bar, a dining-room with an adjoining grill area and a swimming pool. The lodge takes pride in its own wines, produced and bottled in the company wineries located in the province of Mendoza.


Doves, partridges, ducks and pigeons thrive at Los Laureles. You will be amazed by the tremendous flocks of birds and hunting takes place at short distances from the lodge, assisted by professional guides and well trained dogs. Dove hunting usually takes place early in the morning and late afternoon. At the end of each hunting day, all the game is retrieved from the fields and after a selection for the lodge kitchen, the rest is given to the needy people of the nearby towns.

For those who also like duck hunting, their quest begins early in the morning, shooting their limits on rice fields and lagoons next to the San Javier River which is reached in a 45 minute boat ride across the unique Paraná delta. Activities also include fly and traditional fishing.


Fishing the golden dorado-freshwater fish native to South America, known for its fighting and unequalled jumping skills is a remarkable experience. In Los Laureles, we use fly roads and light spinning tackle to go after the Golden Dorado. Modern and efficient Carolina Skiff boats are utilized as they provide ideal platforms to cast from. The fishing lodge is strictly catch and release.


Visitors may choose between a wide range of entertaining activities that will keep them in touch with nature all the time: boat excursions to nearby islands, trips in four wheel vehicles and horseback riding.

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Laureles helicopter Dove Hunting Duck Hunting Hunting Trips

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