El Palomar

El PALOMAR located in the middle of the famous Churqui Roost, with only five bedrooms in suite, all with a classy decoration, reminds you of an old Argentine Estancia with the modern facilities of a hunting lodge.

Service rendered by an extremely, qualified house staff. A white glove table service, gourmet three course Dinners, own bottled wine, and five star barbecues in the veranda of the house, mark a nice difference No long drives to the hunting area 5 to 10 minutes max. This allows time to hunt in the morning, have a lunch and a siesta in your room and return to the hunting areas for a afternoon hunt.

Shotguns are available at the lodge if you don’t want to travel with one. We are permanently renewing a stock of 20 ga. Beretta and Bennelli semi-automatics, and as alternative we offer 20 ga. over and unders I suggest considering bringing your own gun, at this level of shooting, in quality and quantity, a personalized gun always makes you shoot better and more efficiently. You have the opportunity to shoot all what your body will accept.

The 1000 to 2000 rounds are easily reached every day. Quick shooters are averaging a case each hour and a half. The hard flying times last more than four hours in the morning and five in the afternoon. These are averaging hunting times shortened in winter months (June) and enlarged in summer (December).