Los Laureles

Surrounded by rivers and white sand beaches, Los Laureles is a hunting and fly fishing paradise. Doves, ducks, pigeons and partridges fill the skies of this untainted natural wonderland. Its direct access to the ParanĂ¡ river assures a remarkable experience for fishing the golden dorado, freshwater fish native to South America, known for its fighting and unequaled jumping skills.

The comfortable and luxurious facilities of this five-star lodge include six bedrooms equipped with air-conditioning and jacuzzi, as well as a spacious sitting-room with a fireplace, a bar, a dining-room with an adjoining grill area and a swimming pool. The lodge takes pride in its own wines, produced and bottled in the company wineries located in the province of Mendoza.


Doves, partridges, ducks and pigeons thrive at Los Laureles. You will be amazed by the tremendous flocks of birds and hunting takes place at short distances from the lodge, assisted by professional guides and well trained dogs. Dove hunting usually takes place early in the morning and late afternoon. At the end of each hunting day, all the game is retrieved from the fields and after a selection for the lodge kitchen, the rest is given to the needy people of the nearby towns.

For those who also like duck hunting, their quest begins early in the morning, shooting their limits on rice fields and lagoons next to the San Javier River which is reached in a 45 minute boat ride across the unique ParanĂ¡ delta. Activities also include fly and traditional fishing.


Fishing the golden dorado-freshwater fish native to South America, known for its fighting and unequalled jumping skills is a remarkable experience. In Los Laureles, we use fly roads and light spinning tackle to go after the Golden Dorado. Modern and efficient Carolina Skiff boats are utilized as they provide ideal platforms to cast from. The fishing lodge is strictly catch and release.


Visitors may choose between a wide range of entertaining activities that will keep them in touch with nature all the time: boat excursions to nearby islands, trips in four wheel vehicles and horseback riding.