The Chacu Lodge

In recent years the Argentinean Government has allowed access to hunting on a trial basis in the province of Salta. The province of Salta has been designated as a historical area and until recently hunting of any type was prohibited. Chacu Lodge is currently the only lodge operating in the state of Salta! So there is little pressure on the doves in Salta.
Another advantage is that there are direct flights from Miami to Salta, so flights are shorter and connection hassles are avoided

Salta unquestionably boasts a high volume of Dove. While Cordoba has been known for years as the Argentina Dove hunting capital of South America, it’s possible Salta may claim this title in the years to come.

This magnificent new 20,000 sq. ft lodge, offers nine bedrooms, lovely dining and cocktail areas, shaded patios, gardens, fountains and all of the charm of a European country manor, but with modern comfort and convenience. The lodge sits in a lovely hillside location on a 12,000 acre private ranch. Dining is uniformly terrific, featuring famed Argentine beef, local specialties, game dishes and delightful red wines. A professional massage therapist is available every evening to relax and reinvigorate exhausted limbs and sore shoulders.

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