Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Lodge

Sierra Brava is hands-down “the best bang-for-the-buck dove hunting lodge in Cordoba Argentina.” Recognized by Beretta as a Trident lodge with a Trident I status for upland birds. They are the only dove hunting outfitter that combines extreme, high-volume doves and first class accommodation at such a great price. But in the end the main reason I recommend them and everybody raves about Sierra Brava is the friendly atmosphere at the lodge. Once you come to Sierra Brava and you will always feel like you have a home in Argentina. And why not have your second home near the best dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina.

Sierra Brava offers the best overall value and is the “high volume record holder” – with over 11,000 doves shot by one person in a single day! This lodge is Mac’s personal favorite!

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